My First Love

Fri, 05/08/2020 - 09:55 -- Kbliss

he said "me"

I said "I"

then he kissed my neck

and whisperd "Us"

In  that moment words

were sacred beings

my holy grail.

Stronger than any god

I felt my kness give in

and my eyes looked up

his eyes brown

his skin an olivish brown

his lips scarlet red

his long jet black hair 

flowing as he smiled.


his body was that of a hunter

i surrendered to my first love

but then i slipped through his fingers

like water he cut me lose

and my love that i wore like a neckless

above my heart became my noose

I never loved the same

after my first love

all remained was a tree that did

not survive the winter

a tree for a poet

and a branch for a raven

my love, a dangerous thing

it's quite beautiful my first love

if only you gave me a chance.

I wish.



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