In My Heart


United States
32° 25' 2.8236" N, 85° 2' 38.868" W

In my heart, is there a desire that may tear it apart?
Is there love and hate, that may rise to a dreadful fate?
Is there a soul, so dark from being cursed, that it blackens like coal?
Or is there affection, so beautiful that it rises to perfection?
Is there a light, so bright that it blinds me from the gift of sight?
Or is there water so pure, that some dare to venture near?

For some will never hear,
For some may never fear,
the mysteries their are in the heart for them to endear.
Now I may never know the answers to these questions,
but I'll wait quietly and patiently to receive this obscure message.

Then I will know exactly which direction to go,
so I can follow a river with the riches flow,
to a island that is left alone,
where I can open the heart in my chest,
to find the hidden answers that are like treasures that God put to rest.



Awesome Job Altonia! Great Poem! from Mom!

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