Eric (My Christmas Gift To Him)

To look at your face

And know you're mine;

To hear your voice

And think it so fine;

To smell your cologne

And know I'm safe;

To kiss your lips;

And know there's no haste;


To love you

And know you love me too,

Leaves me breathless, speechless.

Words cannot describe it, Boo.

But if I had to choose,

What I would say is this:


When I met you our sophomore year,
I was so happy to call you my friend.

A guy I could actually talk to and hear

Every little word I ever dare said.


Our easy, fun friendship was true,

And my love for you, unknowingly grew.

Cross country was when I began to realize,

Maybe I wanted our friendship to grow in size.


That first date,

That first kiss,

That nervous state,

But, oh, that bliss


With you, I feel, well, more like me;

Loving, caring, rebellious and free.

Every moment I spend with you is precious

And "if you were an apple, you'd be a delicious."


I love to see smile,

Even if it's only for a little while.

I love to hear you laugh,

Even if it's "with" errors on my behalf.

I love you more than words can say,

And in my heart, you will always stay


You're the answer to my prayer,

My wish upon a star.

And now in my wishes and prayers,

I ask to keep and love you forever and ever.


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