Her Haunting Nightmare

Young and fragile

Tragedy strikes at a young age

A girl faces a loss that she'll never forget

He is gone once and for all


The "I love yous"

And “sorrys” mean nothing now

He left her alone

And took his life


He didn’t think

“What will happen to her?”

He didn’t bother

To stay around

And keep her safe


Did he truly love her

Or was it all just fake?

Did he really even mean

What he said?


He left her with

No thought behind,

An act so selfish,

Not thinking of her at all


A young girl

Contemplating taking her

Own life

Because she lost

The only one she’d

Ever loved


He left her lonely

He left her sorrowful

Weeping and dying



She had to hide it all

Because he hid her

All the lies and the faking,

Was it even worth

The pain?

He left her behind

Like he forgot his promise,

“I won’t do it” he said,

But then, he did.


He took his life

And she never loved again.

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This is very powerful

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