Why did God give man a voice?

Why did God give man a voice...

                                          if no one would listen.


Im screaming..

                    SCREAMING!. yet you call me soft spoken.

I can confess to you, that I am broken.

These wet spots on my pillow are not from it storming.

Above my head I see clouds, so I hope for the sun.

And then I question why? ..

Why did God give man a voice...

If he couldnt voice his opinions.

I say what I feel and and how im feelin -- they all think that im joking.

So,  Why did God give man a voice...

if all he could do is lie.

The truth shall set you free, even if they jail you before your speak.

Why did God give man a voice..

to seduce the one that isnt his. His wife thinking hes a good man , because his words were sweet and innocent.  

Why did God give man a voice?..

            If even when you taught him how to use it ,  it goes out before he's gone.

                                                Now we're left with his silence.


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