Precious Mother

I just wanna let you know
You mean the world to me,
Only a mind cool as yours
Can give me anything unselfishly.

When I look back on my life
I feel and find myself wandering,
Had I remembered to thank you
For all the things you have done for me.

Many things you have done for me
You were always by my side and there for me,
Which help me know deep inside
That how much you really care.

You hold my hand and show me the way
For me to go to the big world one day,
You teach me the basics and let me learn
If I ever struck then I will know how to turn.

You have given me so much
The love from your heart ,
The warm of your touch
As the gift of my life.

Even though I might not say
I appreciate all you do,
Richly blessed is how I feel
Having a mother like you.

If I could choose anyone
I could have picked no other,
Than to be my life long friend
As a precious mother.

This poem is about: 
My family


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