This Endless Love

Tue, 06/18/2013 - 01:23 -- Kbourda


United States
29° 53' 46.9644" N, 95° 9' 50.6196" W

I woke up with you on my mind, the same way I went to sleep.
I prayed for your happiness and welfare before my own soul to keep.
I've been hurt and dragged and bludgeoned to death by the bombardment of my own heart.
Those things in my head that you started, the likeness of my heart can't stop.
You will never know the PAIN that I feel just for my emotions.
A deathly dance with feet like hands and world shattering potions.
Wishing that I could hold you at night and find some way to know you.
And the frustration of my heart and the happiness of my mouth is a world ordered revulsion.
Say to me that you understand my heart and know how I feel.
No one knows the pain inside and how much I had to kill.
Continually trying to express myself just so it all will seem real.
So many of you have broken my heart, I'm lucky that I can still feel.
I'm lucky I'm not dead inside and waiting on my own death.
I'm lucky that I can still feel that yearning and turning deep inside my chest.
I'm lucky that I still hold to the hope that you won't ever forget.
I'm lucky that I don't wish this pain on the heart of a thousand men.
Because right now I'm taking my hands off of you just to see what's left.
Just to see if you care or if you ever even noticed.
Yes we may be strangers but I yearn for a revolution.
I want so badly to really speak to you without any thought of truculence
...I want so badly to make you happy.
... to call you more than a friend.
I want so badly to hold you and love you, without ever knowing an end.


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