A Conversation With Oneself


I wake up from your dreams, and I
could not stop thinking about you…
It was still midnight, and, after all,
I had just slept for only an hour…
I get out of my bed, and face the mirror, and O
you wouldn’t believe, but the first one I saw,
smiling gently, through the mirror…
It was you, but I must hav’
been dreaming…Maybe it was just a follow-up of my dream…
Suddenly the mirror cleared up (I certainly
must have got back my lost senses), for now I see
myself…My reflection staring back at me…
But the night had just begun, and why,
I see my reflection talking to me…
I rub my eyes to clear my vision…
But it only gets worse...I found it asking me,
(I must be out of my senses) “So…
Must I believe a misogynist has fallen in love?”
I smiled…
(He was right) I replied, “Must you
judge me the way I was before meeting her?
Can you not see the changes in me?”
It replied (rather sarcastically), “Yes, I do.
But why do love her so much?
Is she worth it? Answer me, why?”
(He almost tricked me, for I was about to say,
“I love her for her looks,
her smile, her endless beauty, for a…)
I stopped abruptly… (His sarcastic smile had still
not worn off his face…) I realized my folly…
At any moment, he would have barked at me,
saying my love for her is superficial…
He realized it too, and asked me again,
“Why do you love her so much? Why do
you ponder over her thoughts all day
and dream about her all night?
Why do you clutch your phone all day
and eagerly wait for her to text you?

Why is it that every time you log into Facebook,
you check if she’s online or not, and whether
there are any texts from her or not?

Why is YOUR LIFE dominated NOT BY YOU,
Reason with me, you can’t run away from yourself…”

I smiled…Yes, I can’t run away…
But I realized all the answers to these questions
Are nothing to me, but a
bowlful of my best-kept secrets…which no one but me
will ever know, as for the rest…
Some things are better left unsaid…

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