I used to be able to time travel.

The time-portal to the past and present was a warm, blue seat.
The time-portal to love was through vast, green bamboo stems.

I took the late-night bus
          and I took the early-morning bus.

I time traveled forward with my brown eyes open--ALIVE!
          and backwards with my teary eyes closed.

The time I traveled knew the heartache ending
          and it remembered the serendipitous beginning.
and I do not regret this, that or him.
                             We sat on the cold beach for hours on end.
                                      We crept into his house at 11 o'clock for secret sleepovers.
                                                He gave me every emotion, at once, to no avail.
He allowed me to experience true, ultimate love.


    Time doesn't go back.

Time doesn't go forward.

      Time goes all at once.


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