After Hours (Sonnet)

I wonder why I have to wake up to these dreams,

You're a sky ful of stars that light up like sparklers,

I go to sleep dreaming about your eyes that shine crystal amorous gleams.

Every day we spend, my world gets more colorful with tropical scented markers.


My heart stops beating when I stare at the angel in you,

I want to overdose on your love like it's magic,

I never stop thinking about you because your face is in my mind like a tattoo.

I just hope that one day your magic doesn't stun me with tragic.


I'd catch a grenade for you, my love,

Midnight memories and candy-land,

You are so elegant and precious like a dove.

We could make our great escape and leave a trail of colors, call it skittles in wonderland.


I want to spark up in your mind like fireworks,

You and me sitting on the moon with some balloons, call it DreamWorks.


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