The Accident

Tue, 08/06/2013 - 21:59 -- Monai

Four years ago I would be crying


Screaming out why me

Looking inthe mirror trying to figure out whats wrong with me

But now I stap back and look at it all

Damn that was such a hard way to fall

Cause that little girl that was once so nieve

Is smart enough to see the plot that was concieved

Your words contridict your actions

Your actions are unbareable to watch

You show no remorse cause your a sad son of a....


How could you look into my eyes as if I wouldnt figure out your lies and keep going along for the ride until I get thrown out of the car

I get up and walk away with only a scar

That scar screams your name as the hate and the pain for you covers my entire body

I wonder how you sleep at night

Does your body chringe with the throughts of what youve done 

Oh no its been this way since you were young

Thats the excuse im suppose to believe

Ha, thats funny

I cant even be mad or cry or be upset

Cause I always let it slide

Eff that slide your ass right out of my life


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