Partners In Crime

Wed, 06/05/2013 - 20:26 -- Tabtila

We high five each other when we are ready to fail a test we didn't study for
We run around and ho wild when we're with each other
But in front of those scary teachers, we're on our best behavior
We sit in the back of class passing around notes
Making fun of the person who sits right in front of us
We scream really loud when we are together
But talk really quiet when giving out an answer in class
We plan surprise parties, then screw in up
We laugh until we cry and fight over someone's cool fruity smelly markers
We get amazed so easily at the most stupidest things
And we all have that one negative minded friend
We have our super brainiacs, and then the normal ones
We all fight to get to know the cute boy first, only to realize he's just another annoying jerk
We get mad at mean teachers, and scheme plots to ruin their lives. But never have the guts to cary through with the plans.
We hit each other all the time, and say we show love through abuse!
Make silly faces and take horrible pictures, and look back at them 20 years from now saying how ugly and immature we were.
We see snow and go berserk, we have snowball fights until we are all drenched.
Sing crazy songs about random topics like burritos or milkshakes.
Some of us dance real well, while others well they should really stick to being stage crew.
We're not friends to each other, but so much more.
We spend all day together doing absurd feats, just cause we don't wanna grow up.
We're ready to take on the world, me and my partners in crime!


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