Things I Never Let You Know


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Country fair, sweet seventeen
There you were, and everything
Faded from my view except
The boy who had me won

I said I liked those teddy bears
Up on that shelf, and right there
You gave the man a dollar,
Asked if I'd ever shot a gun

And I said "no" so that you'd have to show me
And hold me close
Things I never let you know

September, eighteen years old
We left innocence at the one way door
And I put on a smile
As I watched you leave for work

But after I was all alone
I cried as hard as I'd ever done
Because it was bittersweet
And I was both in love and somehow hurt

But I told you that I was ok when
You came back home
Things I never let you know

There were times I could've told you,
Little moments that I wish I had;
You should know I'd do anything for you,
Break any kind of bad

Twenty-one and out school
And I was breaking our one rule
Through thick and thin, forever,
We said, it was meant to be

The pain on your face was too much
When I said I'd fallen out of love
It was the only way you wouldn't
Give up your dream for me

It took everything I had to keep the tears
From falling slow
Things I never let you know
Things I never let you know


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