Road of the Unknown

Fri, 06/28/2013 - 15:04 -- Monai

Im running as fast as I can away from that path with the fork at the end of the road

I've been down this road before

Last time it left me hurting and picking up  the pieces shattered among the floor

Ahhh! Im screaming out to be heard

Begging and pleading not to reach this road yet again

Everything seems so familar yet so different

I look around and only see a figure

But I don't reconize the face in front of me

The eyes staring at me aren't loving 

The hands reaching for me aren't warm

Everything is cold

My boy shivers as this cold hearted person tries to embrace me within them

I yank and pull, trying to get away

As I slowly get released I realized that this cold hearted figure is YOU

You've become someone I don't even know

My body begins to split in half as part part tries to leave and the other fights to stay

It's a sick game of tug-a-war and im loosing

Maybe the single tear streaming down my soft warm skin will open your eyes

Maybe you'll see the bruises on my battered skin from your painful words

Sticks and stones may break my bones 

but YOUR words cut like a knife

Theres a dark cloud of confusion raining on upon me

Will you be my shelter and make me understand?

Or will you leave me there drenched in my own confusion and tears?

The choice is yours my love

I guess it just depends how much I actually mean to you 


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