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  I love when a man is nervous to talk to me for the first time Not in a masochistic way Or a rude way I just love the way they blush Or the way they trip on their words Or fidget with their fingers
I ain’t your April fool Not your plaything anymore Wrapped my heart with steel and wool Sent you stomping out my door   Cause I ain’t your April fool I’ve got thunder in my soul
I don't want to find love. I just want to be free. I only care about the people who believe in me. It's hard to find a truelove out there. Sometimes, it just ain't there.
  I’m not there doing stretches five days a week anymore.Soon, I won’t be in high school anymore.I won’t have mom and dad looking over my shoulder anymore.They won’t be living with me anymore.All of these things won’t happen anymore, not anymore 
Fifthteen, growing older and coming of age, I knew that things were bound to change.  Not really knowing how to fill out an application, I sat there with a great deal of hesitation.   
There I was A little girl Who did not know What life would bring   I used to wonder
Betrayal Something we all must go through Something we all must understand It will burn for some time For no reason, you might cry
Growing up is tough. Requires a lot of self- Trust Often times  You can misjudged  Situations  Where there is 
When I think about how I've glowed up It'll make you want to throw up If you've seen the things I've seen  And you did the things I did It'll make you wonder how I ever really growed up
At any given moment, I just might break Fall to my knees, head in my hands kind of just might break Fear in my eyes, regret on my mind kind of just might break Why am I alive, how did I survive kind of just might break
Oh she too dark. Oh she too picky. Oh she too skimpy. And her hair looks nappy. But she looks at herself... And she thinks happy. She ain’t wimpy. More so Out here getting
The first time I was catcalled I was 14 years old, wide-eyed and terrifiedRiding my bike home in the cold,My suburban oasis was merely a mirage
Our relationship reflected a love song. Full of laughter and joy. Then you did me wrong. You used me like a toy. Played with me a while then let go. We were young. And now I'm here to let you know,
Because you “love” me. I’m left wanting more? With where we stand, You’re still “never sure.”  Because I love you, I ask for “too much” I make myself your wings. You,
You said goodbye. I said wait why? When i needed you the most That's when you bounce the most. All I ever wanted was to talk. All you ever wanted was to walk. Walk in front of me. Walk behind me.
Once upon a time Cinderella doesn’t get a job and leave home Snow White’s dwarves are her lysosomes Rapunzel keeps reaching for that comb
After having my heart completely cut in half My life was woe I didn't know What my purpose in life Was anymore I couldn't see what there Was to look forward to I was a robot just walking
My Identity   The one thing I can’t live without is my identity. It tells me who I am and where I go.
Life is not a poem. Any irony, foreshadowing, or rhyme scheme is accidental. You can’t read out my life in neat little stanzas and peal back the meanings one by one.
Resilient. For I can sail my boat despite the chaotic storms. In the dictionary you would find my name, picture, soul next to the definition of resilient. What made me resilient? My battles.
There is a woman walking down a road As she puts her hand across her chest, she can feel her heart beating   It beats to her drum
"do i need anyone?" i asked. did i?   
I needed
Say the right things And I shall speak Say the wrong things And I shall be silent.
Flowers have been planted in my heart Roots intertwineing with my veins pulling them apart Seeds burrowed deep inside my chambers The planters thinking they are doing me a favor Some stay and help them grow
A classic night on the town no one knows whats under the gown. Is it a man, a woman, a being perhaps? now its left to people to fill in the gaps. Oh it's a man, sure as can be-
I feel this new thing New freedom Independence It runs through my fingers Like a snake Slithering And it feels nice I want to hold it away Pass it on to someone else
Submerged in a procelein prison, I note the water is the color of sea foam, of salt,  of something that should be deeper than two feet   It's strange that I can no longer stretch my legs out  
How can I say Im flawless  When the world tries to make me feel less How can I say I'm smart  When Im not on top of the honor roll charts The world tries to tear me down
How can I say Im flawless  When the world tries to make me feel less How can I say I'm smart  When Im not on top of the honor roll charts The world tries to tear me down
a past coverd by inkwell black and white memories and a preasent full of unfamilar faces  who am i? unplugged i am glowstick; a light in many colors and shapes  My feet are as smooth as my words 
Yes I woke up like this, Flawless. With my hair a mess. I don't care about what they say, I love my messy hair anyway.   Golden locks streaming down my back.
Color me blind and show me the world You want the money the cars and the girls But I want the rage that comes with the passion The infinity that comes from the intimacy As we create sweet symphony
There was this little boy Who was born Who was born with some troubles
Walking on my OWN; I can see clearly,
I am strong. I can stand tall and proud. I can tak care of myself. I can do anything. I can be anything. I can take on the world all on my own. I am an independent woman dammit.
I am 1 out of 7,207,810,299 simply because I am human.
They tell me who I am, What I should be like, What I will do. They don’t understand.
Abrasive and Bawdy, Calamitous, Determined, Explosive, Fun, Gaudy. At first glance I am so self-assured, 
the way you move your  body is so fly  and you know what I like u and you like me you know you want   me so come and get me I know you  because you say I,m fly , yousay you want to kiss me
The hardened heart
Just like a clock i stand there Watching, waiting, judging. Hopeful that maybe one day you'll look at me and not in angst or anger. Maybe one day you'll hear my ticking as calming gesture
I solemnly swear I will love you forever, I sincerely hope that you love me too. You say you do? I love you, too.   I solemnly swear you're mine for always,
You can find me where the dust sparkles in the window from the sun's rays You can find me- there   I'll be hiding beside the curtain blending into the wall
Why am I nor happy? I have such a big porch for me alone. I have the life that no one else owns. I have gold that no other holds. Why am I not happy? I have all I want, But something stands.
Laws and rules and regulations of fools
Too young to make life decisions. Too old to depend on mom. Wandering on the uncertained journey of life independently.
Sistah Sistah! You better hold that head up high and never let that chin face the ground Don't give your enemies the satisfaction of seeing you down Sistah Sistah!
I'm unwritten like the sun in the sky and the breeze in the air a pencil and paper may speak for me but only I can write my future I'm unwritten and Independent.
I am living but I'm not alive Everynight I let myslef cry I go to sleep hoping to never wake up I am living but I'm not alive  I've gone through things and I wish I died I wake up but I'm still dead
I used to think I loved you I used to think you cared I used to think "this is it" I used to be so scared I used to want to be your all I used to think you did too
She glows with beauty. She is stronger than anything that comes her way.  She is a diamond. 
"Why must love feel like a heart attack"?Some may sayCausing our hearts to sputter one final beatThump, thump, shhDifferent types of love lause different types
Have you ever, Taken a step back for the gratitude of your own work. Taken a step back, For the appreciation of the piers. For a wider look on the world, A look that digs underneath false notifications.
Uprising, insurge
I am holding a bladeUp to my wrist In the knife all I see is lies upon liesBut then I see youAnd your little blue eyesYou say put the kinfe down AuntieOr I will crySo I put down the kinfe
How is it that you took a whole person and then shatter their being? How is it that you can make me the happiest and the saddest person in the universe?
My life is unusual I hate myself completely, if my life were a story I would just delete me    I'm dramatic nd mad Im never fully happy, my only emotion being anger, nd attitude nothing less than crappy  
They call me Melody Melody like a song I stand alone as an independent individual I stand out in the crowd of my school
Hollow Ghost of Red Heart             Ominous with frantic rage             Yet vindictive under the Vail             Luminous as starlight nights
Breathing Just Fine             Held under water             Gazing upon him             We fight for a way out             The sea blue runs black            
I can't say one thing! Not one damn thing, without you criticizing me! Just shut up! You ask what I mean, I mean Im Fed Up! You push me for my 'own good',
Homeless individuals sleep with dreams of what they used to be Now they have moved on leaving the new generation drowning sea to sea No education, no temptation, to get a dream fulfilled
The time has come, my choice is made This life is cruel and humanity has no hope
It is strange that I had never touched a cigarette until I had remembered how the taste would linger in my mouth after I had kissed you?
I try to find myself, but I've been lost for forever. It's like I'm going in a circle so you'd think I'd know better. I'm somewhat lost in a trance,  I can't find myself. Took 34 pills disregarding my own health.
My friends only talk about all their love.  Girlfriends, boyfriends, whatever it might be, Their partner must be a gift from above, and then there is little, ole' dateless me....  
Wait Wait no more I can't stay Can't stand here And dream And wait Wait Just standing around My feet planted here On unholy ground While people walk by Silent
I stand alone on this Pavement roda, not knowing what to expect, without being aware of the things I am going to encounter, I just keep on walking because what else is left of me to do ?
A rose, but one, none other rose did I have, A rose, one rose, and this was a wondrous creation, One rose a rose that brightened earth and sky, One rose, my rose, that sweetened my breath and air,
I had yearned for so long I had waited for too long I died inside for too long no love no compaasion no warm embrace not even a tender touch quiet nights desperate mornings
In the silent waves she saw herself, Lost and confused, she cried for help. Through the screams and moans that came tumbling out, The distorted images that filled her with doubt. No longer could she stand alone,
Talking to my mothers graveUsed to be the hardest thing everI would just cry my eyes outThinking she would be back never
  I'm so confuse alone and a mess, I'm sitting in this fucking desk staring at my messy grades, there worst then a wreck where can i reset?   These teachers don't help,
It feels like I been here before I feel familar with this scene these words theses actions I feel like its on everyones minds thoughts lips tounge, its  been in every corner of the  world this feel to familar yet it has no shape, nor organic matte
Where are you going, I can't find you, where are you going,  I just trusted you, Where are you going tonight.    I just wanted you, and I just needed you, I am waiting, I am alone, 
My life is like a bad fairytale. Dragons lurk in every cave, ogres in every shadow. When I get to the place where the castle should be, what do I see? The evasive palace has escaped me.
"What if we didn't go to war?" I accidently ask in my Junior econ. class I feel my classmates eyes on my back, I sit in the front for a reason. "Hippie! Go to california you Democrat" I hear a student say to me.
 I want to love you for forever and a day. Til the sun comes down, and its time to lay. Til, the wind blows and the seas roar. I wanna be with you, but dont forget theres one more.
My blood ran cold as he looks at me,i shiver as his breeze past me, i look apon his face and i worry... why is this i wonder?
Hey Mr. Principal, Hey Mr. Smith, I hope you sit comfortably – On your plush office plinth, With all your private accolades – That no one could care about, To the varsity trophies –
Eventually   Eventually you’ll run out of tears, Eventually you’ll run out of fears. Eventually you’ll run out of sadness,
Love a 4 letter word, though it holds so much gravity yet we throw it around like something thats only worth a penny Hate
money in shabeled people dying citeies broken great peole forgotten have hope for the futrue
Let's pop some pills, Fall in loveCut our wrists and spill our bloodDrink come Gin, let's die tonightCome on Demons, help end our lifeLet us bleed, for what we see
Let's pop some pills, Fall in loveCut our wrists and spill our bloodDrink come Gin, let's die tonightCome on Demons, help end our lifeLet us bleed, for what we see
All the cliques laugh away While I sit and watch Wondering where my friends are Wondering where you are Wondering why distance keeps us apart.   The teachers will lecture
A past society filled with male-dominance, Where accepting woman for their skills and passions was never a first priority.
You clenched at my chest, For a sweet rational moment. Heart drop. Bottom rock. The bitter grin Made my face numb like gin. The only Substance That can Be Absorbed
Elementary school, When's nap time? Is it my turn to bring snack? Yayyyy, I can see my friends! Recess time! It's Friday, no homework!
Isolated from your peers, alone and rejected, different from the others, you feel diseased, infected.    it's impossible to change everyone,  difficult to get it through their heads,
  The sun has a waking effect On those left for dead Decidedly a lost cause Because they more easily bled   These band aids can only cover surface wounds And as the sun reaches down
Year one, day one; This class is not how I expected it College. Where are all the cute guys and alcohol. That's what I saw on TV. Why am I scared, nervous I wasn't like this in  high school.
I saw a million people Standing on a hill, Under the grey and square sky. When I went to ask them, What they were doing, They remained silent.  
From the moment I first heard her heartbeat; that I felt her move.   From the moment I first saw her; my Darling’s eyes so blue.   How anxious I was to hold her; embracing my joyous fate.
Manicure's, Dresses, and High HeelsHidden tattoos, fake smiles, and hearts of steelLocally known to wear a crownThey come from miles around
Sorry if I don’t smoke  Sorry if I don't take my life  and my studies  As a silly little joke    Sorry if I don't wear clothes  That looks like my skin  Sorry if I think hoeing around
Why can’t I be pretty mama? Like the girls on magazines Why can’t I be pretty mama? The prettiest girl ever seen Why can’t I be pretty mama? And I catch a boy’s eye Why can’t I be pretty mama?
I finally know what is real. dedicated to what I will make come true.
  I am so sorry That my eyes are dark brown with an added twinkle I am so sorry
To love a girl as different as me would go against society. Extremely loud and incredibly independent goes against society's judgement Skipping church to find life's meaning leaves the cruel society steaming
From milk to yogurt it went, Doubling the traps everyday, Like rat trapped in the edge Wishing to be somewhere else; Becoming an ocean of tears Where a little hole in the wall Gets smaller every second
I’m not a damsel in distress Nor a fucking princess I didn’t lose my shoe Even if I did I don’t need you I don’t live with seven men And for that, Amen! I am not in love with a beast
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