Isolated from your peers,

alone and rejected,

different from the others,

you feel diseased, infected. 


it's impossible to change everyone, 

difficult to get it through their heads,

before they realize they have done wrong,

your wrists are covered in red.


instead of trying to make new friends,

you become distant with the few you have,

maybe you wouldn't be so alone,

if people didn't treat you so bad.


your self esteem is low,

as you get called name after name,

what people don't realize,

is that everyone's insides are the same.


you used to be popular,

you really did,

but that was when looks didn't matter,

you were just a young kid.



running behind schedule,

you're already late for your "job,"

before you get to your corner,

you're picked up by a man named Bob.


you quickly get into the passenger seat,

of the old and musty car,

aware of what you're about to do,

you know you're not going too far.


the man offers you a twenty, 

to simply take off your top,

just as you finish doing so, 

you pass by a cop.


Bob pulls you under the dash,

covering your face,

the policeman drives by again,

at a very slow pace.


As you escape into the woods, 

your customer unzips his jeans,

you follow his directions,

as your inside shrieks and screams.


A half an hour later, 

your job is finally done,

you reminisce to your past,

when your nights were full of fun.


You enter your home, 

it's 11:48,

your mom asks where you've been,

you simply say you had to work late.


You head towards your room, 

and open the door,

you drop your purse,

and fall to the floor.


Your tears begin to roll,

your hands start to shake,

your life has turned to hell,

this wasn't the path you chose to take.


You had to grow up fast,

when your dad past away,

you had the choice to move in with relatives,

but instead you chose to stay.


your mom didn't do much.

without a way to get paid,

you always did your own thing,

not a good way to be raised.


you take out some hard liquor,

and pop pill after pill,

it takes away the pain,

but has the possibility to kill.


you decide to go to sleep,

not much more you can do,

you fall backwards onto your bed,

praying God for something new.


your alarm goes off the next morning,

it is time to go to school,

your feet poke out from under the covers,

they are unusually cool.


your mom comes in to wake you,

your face is pale and white,

you grunt and moan in pain,

and black spots cover up your sight.


your mom calls 911,

in a loss of what to say,

she reaches out to you pleading,

"everything's going to be okay!"



You wake up from a deep sleep,

with your mother and a nurse at your side,

you couldn't believe you were at your lowest point,

you were in for a bumpy ride.


your doctor comes in and announces, 

you had a drug overdose,

you are well aware of what you did,

but seeing your mom's tears is what hurts the most.


in the next few weeks, 

you hardly feel sane,

you are in loss of customers,

and hardly get paid.


you show up for school,

just enough to pass,

you try to get better,

and make your one life last.


yet, you walk through the halls, 

with your chin tilted down,

the more you got called names, 

the more you begin to frown.


then comes the day,

when you can't take it anymore,

you are found in your room,

with a pool of blood on the floor.


your mom finds a note,

signed by you,

it reads, "i love you mom,

but there was nothing else i could do"


whoever said, "words can't hurt me,"

was VERY wrong,

let everyone be who they are,

and let all feel as if they belong. 



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