Independent Women

A past society filled with male-dominance,

Where accepting woman for their skills and passions was never a first priority.

Acceptance is the key to opening the minds to equality,

Women are like birds, they have the right to spread their wings and fly.

Rather than having heavy chains bombarded upon their body,

Burdening them into a life of working diligent, in return of less than they deserve.

The trowel is transforming the bricks into a wall,

Stopping the dream of equality from developing.

As time goes by the wall slowly but efficiently deteriorates,

Due to the abundant of women fighting for their voices to be heard.

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Everybody deserves and hopes for respect, but what many do not realize that real respect is earned and never given. Those who demand respect do not deserve it but those who do not ask for it deserve it and I believe women do not get the respect they deserve and this is unfair.

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