There is a woman walking down a road
As she puts her hand across her chest, she can feel her heart beating
It beats to her drum
She controls every note
Listen to her words
& wake up in her boat
She needs no one else
She is her own hero
Call her a damsel in distress
And you'll drop to the ground
She is not a princess
She is a Queen
She doesn't need saving
She lives independently
Intimidated by her fierce eyes
Men get scared and hide
She draws them in with beauty
& pushes them away with wit
She belongs to no one, except for God above
Man tries to claim her, but first man must tame her
Catch her if you can
Catch her if you dare
Catch her if you're insane
Oh wait.... No one can catch her
Who is she?
She is beautiful and witty
She is independent and fierce
She is the Queen of her world
She is me


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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