Betrayal is a Funny Thing

Thu, 06/06/2019 - 09:53 -- Ananni


Something we all must go through

Something we all must understand

It will burn for some time

For no reason, you might cry

That loss of trust will make you feel alone

Alone in the world

You may start to distance yourself

Hurt not only that you’ve been betrayed

But because you lost a friend

You thought bullying was over

I guess it’ll never end

Then you realize something

Something that’ll make you shiver in fright for the world to come

Not everyone will be your friend

You came into this world alone

Unless you have a twin

But for this only child

I’ll rely on myself

I won’t jump off a bridge for anyone else

Without realizing because of my pain

I’ve grown

And while I am writing this poem

Typing this poem

I smile

I cry

I smile

Betrayal seems to have made me stronger

I’ll be more wary of so called friends

But now I know

I’m my own person until the end


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