The Source of Happiness

After having my heart completely cut in half
My life was woe
I didn't know
What my purpose in life
Was anymore
I couldn't see what there
Was to look forward to
I was a robot just walking
With nothing to walk to
Completely depressed
And hurt
Because the one thing
The one person
My life pretty much revolved around
Left me
For some better opportunity
And I guess I was the fool
To refuse to see
How hopeless this
One sided relationship was
I was depending too much on them
And they weren't really thankful for me
It was probably just some selfish thing
For both of us
But still, it seemed like
The best thing that's ever happened to me
It was also very hurtful
But i needed it
Because I finally asked myself the question
What does everyone look forward to in life?
Since I lost who I thought
Was my everything
I needed new and true motivation
I listened to what others had to say
What they had to look forward to every day
I heard things better than money, recognition,
And even relationships
Some people said they lived for family
Some live to see the moon at night
Some people just like to live
Because the taste of being alive
Is powerful
But I decided
That I wanted something else
I want to find peace and turn to my religion
I figured that if I could live happily
Doing things
On my own
Then I would be unstoppable
If I were truly at peace with myself
I would be at peace with others
I want to show people genuine kindness
In a world that sometimes
Seems to lack it
My new goal is to live independently
But also for others
To help when I can
But to be comfortable
When I'm alone
To handle myself
And my loud emotions
The right way
My goal is to make this world
A better place
To make it's people
And myself
Happier and better people
As much as I possibly can

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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