Oh Prince Charming


United States
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I’m not a damsel in distress
Nor a fucking princess
I didn’t lose my shoe
Even if I did I don’t need you
I don’t live with seven men
And for that, Amen!
I am not in love with a beast
On the outside at least
I am not trapped in a castle
Yet sometimes living in my apartment can be a hassle

I don’t need saving
I can handle my own braving
I am self-serving
At times I can see where this would be unnerving
I don’t need a brave prince
I gave up on that long since you decided my heart is what we should mince
I’m not afraid to get muddy
As long as it doesn’t get too bloody

Breaking a nail won’t faze me
I lack the self-control to restrain from stealing off the forbidden tree
But this time I promise you I won’t be the only one that pays a fee

When life gets tough I won’t resort to accepting less then I deserve
Myself comes first to people I serve
I face my fears head on
Even if that means he will soon be gone

I am not dainty, weak or frail
I will take on any male
I am not always compliant
Nor will I be completely reliant
If I am too much to attend to
Then adieu! And on with the new


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