Wed, 06/18/2014 - 19:36 -- Keace

Laws and rules and regulations of fools

We rain, we blow, we float, we know

To them, to her, to him, there’s no us

The rhythm, the line, the order, all mine


Creation, perfection, is all the same

The arts, the life, our hearts, they came

The sound, the image, the profound cleavage

To destroy the core and create the average


Stones seem to change faster than our mindset

Oceans surpass us as still we linger with the wind of judgment

Man overboard changes nothing to all onboard

But the ending loses meaning with fewer in the boat


Sail on, float on, unchanged, unfazed

We jump, we swim, for her, for him

Create, make, fantasize, and break

The craft, the dream, takes us to another moonbeam



This is amazing!

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