To The Cat Callers

The first time I was catcalled I was 14 years old,
wide-eyed and terrified
Riding my bike home in the cold,
My suburban oasis was merely a mirage
Rendering me prey desperate for camouflage,
you ask me to smile but don't you know you won't be given that?
I'm sorry your past has led you to the notion I'd be a doormat
You expect me to throw my white flag in the air
Succumbing to your expectations
Pretending I don't care
But I am from a legacy of my own line of victors
What you want will not be given to you, Sorry to disappoint mister
You see I am like Joan of arc,
Carrying myself strong and tall
Congruent to Sacajawea
Who without her guidance, America would fall
I am like Maya Angelou,
Determined and uncaged,
I will not accept your shallow drive-by praise,
Just Remember I am Malala,
Young and brave,
You wish me to listen
but I will not cave,
I am Elizabeth Warren,
Who nevertheless persisted,
Despite bigots like you whose views of us are twisted,
So next time you expect a young girl to bow down
Recognize she's Cleopatra,
Adorned with a crown
Us women are not trinkets or property or prizes
And I can guarantee you this We don't give a shit when you tell us what your size is
So keep yelling from your car window
I'm sure the women swoon and love it
And next time you prey on a girl
I hope she tells you to shove it


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Our world
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