it would be nice

"do i need anyone?" i asked. did i? 
  1. 1.
    require (something) because it is essential or very important.
    "I need help now"
a word i had heard used in romantic circumstances too many times.
"i need you.
i had never felt that. was i capable of feeling that? what do you "need" anyway? 
i thrive off necessities. whether they be because of my tendency to be too lazy to buy it or because i just don't have the means to waste time or money on such frivolous wants. 
logically, no i don't need you. the only way i could fathom needing a person was if i was incapable of doing something myself. just about anyone could do the things you do. 
listen to me
talk to me
captivate me
keep me company
stay up late with me
i could do those things myself if i needed to. i had no "need." or did i? no i don't "need" you logically, 
and yet,
i need you because i love you. i need you because you make me happy and that has nothing to do with "some person" and everything to do with you. 
i don't need you like i need air in my lungs or food in my stomach, but i need you like i need the warmth that spreads across my skin when the sun grazes the earth's surface. i need you like the smell of ocean air after a long car ride into town. i need you like the warm nuzzle of a dog after a hard day. there is no logical need, but
it would be nice.
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