Rhapsodies of Hope



The sun has a waking effect

On those left for dead

Decidedly a lost cause

Because they more easily bled


These band aids can only cover surface wounds

And as the sun reaches down

The fog retreats for cover

And exposes this ghost town


Of people who lost their heads

Oh so long ago

The only ones they kept up with

Were the only ones they could tow


Because independence is oft a sign of rebellion

They reject you with words

But stab you with knives

And leave you, fallen, trampled by their herds


Piteous attempts to hide one’s pain

Only make one seem more clearly lost

It would take more than sewing needles to patch that up

And it’s not worth the cost


But the sun is still refreshing

Because it won’t hide its face

Even if you’ve been left

And branded a disgrace


While people could possibly lie

The sun will always show

The difference between those stuck in their world

And those who will grow


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

your images of connecting something of nature to real life events is impactful

great poem, usage of words to emphasize your message is amazing

keep writing

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