All the things I love in a man


I love when a man is nervous to talk to me for the first time

Not in a masochistic way

Or a rude way

I just love the way they blush

Or the way they trip on their words

Or fidget with their fingers

Or the idea that someone in this world finds me attractive enough to be nervous around.

I love a man who is good at math

Who knows 1 + 1 equals two

Who knows the difference between multiplication and division

And can tell the direction of my attitude at any given time.

A man who will be adding up our future for as long as we both shall live.

And I love a man who is honest

Who tells me when he makes a mistake

Or when I have

Who tells me when my shirt is ugly but that he loves it anyway

Who tells me he loves me the day he realizes

Or tells me he doesn’t the day he knows.

For as I’ve learned from experience

Knowing the truth won’t make me love him any less.

And I am so good at predicting the future

But this time I see myself alone

Perhaps for the month

Or maybe the year

Or as long as it takes for a man to tell me I don’t have to be.

I love a man who will hold my hand

Or play with my hair

Or write me songs by the sea

I love a man who walks with me

And sits with me

And cries beside me

And pretends that everything will be ok

Even if he knows it will not

And I love a man who makes me feel ok.

Who allows me to help him feel it too

And I love a man who is strong

Who can lasso the moon

and tie it around my waist

I love a man who will kiss me in the morning

Even if my breath does not smell of fresh roses

But time moves so slowly

And nothing in life is guaranteed

So I intend to be the man I intend to love someday

The man who cooks breakfast in the morning for the one that he loves

The man who bakes cookies just because he knows it will make his day better

The man who does the dishes without being asked

and reminds you every day just how much you are loved

Just how important

And beautiful

And worthy you are

Because everybody deserves to know they are loved

And I love a man who can love

And I love to be loved and what an honor it is

And I will love many a man in this lifetime

Many who will break my heart or piece it back together again

And this heart is fixable, I swear

It just takes some patience and care

And I love a patient man.

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