“You don’t party enough,” they tell me.

And I wonder why a good time is determined by

My presence at the porcelain throne

At exactly 7:32am the next morning,

Ridding my body of all the ‘fun’ I had the night before?


“We need to find you a man,” they tell me.

And I want to understand why my self-worth

Is determined by the interest of a boy,

And why my friends care more than I do

That I haven’t kissed anyone in 14 months.


“Why do you like being alone?” they ask me.

But I don’t understand why I need to fill

The holes in my life that are visible to others,

But miraculously disappear

Whenever I look in the mirror.


“I don’t like being alone,” I said,

Because they will never understand what it means

To be independent.



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