To Love a Girl

To love a girl as different as me

would go against society.

Extremely loud and incredibly independent

goes against society's judgement

Skipping church to find life's meaning

leaves the cruel society steaming


To love a girl as proud as me

would be suicide in society

hold my hand, follow me everywhere

don't mind the damage to your image

sing to me while I curl my hair

hold me close as I protect you from the harsh judgement


To love a girl as sick as me

will leave you sad, damaged and bleeding.

Ignore the smug looks of spite

while I'm upstairs

I'll protect you. I'll smite.

But while I'm here just hold me close

touch me, tickle me, Kiss my nose.


To love a girl as dead as me

has left you sad, demaged and bleeding

They'll welcome you back with perfectly trimmed hair

but you'll ingore them with nothing but glares.


To have loved a girl as doomed as me

leaves me thankful

and teaches you a lesson

to not care about what others will think

because all that is there in the end is you

and me, your guardian angel.


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