My Identity

My Identity


The one thing I can’t live without is

my identity.

It tells me who I am

and where I go.

Without it I am nothing.

I am a girl without a


a Dream,

and Personality.


My English teacher once told me

“If someone punches you in the face,

you are losing your identity.”

It is a part of who you are.

It’s the first thing people will see,

and the last that they will remember.


I identify myself as




And compassionate.

Some will agree,

Others won’t.

It’s who I see myself as.

Without it, I am no longer real.

I will be an imaginative figure

that God once conjured up.

A conspiracy of an existence.

An emptiness shadow

that roams the streets.


So go ahead,

Punch Me.

But nobody is allowed

to ruin My Identity.

For it is who I am.

And I will let it shine.

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