From then to Now


a past coverd by inkwell black and white memories

and a preasent full of unfamilar faces 

who am i?


i am glowstick; a light in many colors and shapes 

My feet are as smooth as my words 

they fumble and stumble through the night

but both bring blessings to all 


i am on a field of dreams 

my dreams are coming to life


the ball leaps off my batt soaring into the outfield 

the feeling of happiness

rumbels though my viens 

the crowd is electrified by my sucsess


failure struck my world

i no longer glowed in my shapes and colors

my words were now smoth and short

my feet walked no further than my words

and i ran out of blessing for the world


a cloud of hate and dissapointment coverd my world

 lightning struck in this darkness 

cleansing me of failure 


im brand new 

i no longer glow 

i stumble and fumble a little less

my blessings are my lessons learned 

but i hold a bigger and brighter smile 

my head is hung high for my failure 

but my filter is nude 



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