1 out of 17,292,470,000

I am 1 out of 7,207,810,299 simply because I am human.

I am 1 out of 319,340,536 simply because I am American.

I am 1 out of 3,418,059,380 simply because I am female.

I am 1 out of 6,346,261,543 simply because my parents are not divorced.

I am not 1 out of 1,000,000 because I am one of a kind.

I am unique and that is scary. 

I am taking a path untraveled, unknown, undetermined, and just like me, completely unique.

I am not afraid to be unique, but afraid of how society recacts to the unknow of each individual.

I am different, beautiful, confident, and unique.

Society makes the wonderful people of the world fear of being themselves, being unique.

I am here to stand up for those that won't.

I am here to support those that do stand up and say 'I am unique'.

I am 1 out of 17,292,470,000 and I am proud to be me.


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