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Standing on the precipice of Divine Love... Overlooking the Great Divide. The formidable chasm fixed between serpent & dove... Only The Cross could be that W-I-D-E. So one might cross over from death to life...
He imparts me with His royalty & fills me with His love for me He seats me amongst nobility, renting showers from above He takes me to His gardens—replete with gushing, bubbling springs
In a fractured, tormented soul... It has been said there are many rooms. But some prefer, I think... To forever call them tombs. Poor spliced-trashed souls wander motionless...
Next to impossible to convince... Devoid the faculty to trust. To have been this way forever since... Yet, hoping to trample his doubts into dust. Finding it so irrefutably hard to believe...
Nature versus nurture, the spirit versus the mind, who am I at my core and what have I learned from my interactions with mankind?
The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.Even when in a famished state I hunt,In pastures green and lush with abundance,He renews my spry and exuberance.
Hello assholes!  I am the Puppeteer. With a capital letter and - not otherwise! You are mistaken if you think that I have bungled you to do it. Between jerking off, I had to spend a lot of money to create your fucking zoo,
sometimes i am so easily decieved I believe what i wish to be true and when the fantasies of my infancy are ripped from my grasp I weep at the feet of misbeliefs past for the comfort of lies
A woman of worth greater than rubies Never failing to fulfill her duties Through cold and drought it is no matter
Let my garden be a song to you, When dawn wakes the bird to praise. Let the woodpecker hammer out your glory!
Let my garden be a song to you, When dawn wakes the bird to praise. Let the woodpecker hammer out your glory!
her lips were a bloody crimson, calling attention in the dim light of crowded dance floor.  [her dress was hellfire, scorching those who got too close]  her voice was soft, husky
her lips were a bloody crimson,calling attention in the dim lightof crowded dance floor. [her dress was hellfire, scorching those who got too close]   her voice was soft, husky
Each drop fell, bringing with it a taunt over our own depravity. It shouts, “Liar, Schemer, Thief, Murderer, Adulterer, Covetous- Human?” Well sir, in your flawless plan, there lies all but one fatal cavity.
“More than that, we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God's love has been poured into our hearts through
Put bullets in the heads Of all you hope to acheive. Your life, is futile. It is the most meaningless Of all vanity, And I suppose I can not Describe it. Death to self
W e jumped into the pool late one night, E veryone’s clothes still on, ears waterlogged. L ooking down, I saw my pink shirt C linging to the cold curve of my hip,
If you are the suffering one reading this Know that tomorrow will get better and there is a light Hold onto that light like I do every day and don't lose your faith
I am a terrible person I am selfish Arrogant Dishonest Lazy Prideful I ha
I know who I am.
Read it out loud, and listen how stupid you sound Eternally cursed, because a snake that could converse Because of an apple off a tree, how gullible can you be?
Read it out loud, and listen how stupid you sound Eternally cursed, because a snake that could converse Because of an apple off a tree, how gullible can you be?
Who can see the Lord? Our creator invisible. Like the winds only heard
My beloved is like Jonah; He's been in the belly of the Beast. Once the whale had thought him dinner, Jonah was quickly freed. My beloved is like Matthew; Imprisoned, though not to blame.
A predetermined gathering One in heaven, the other earth Many voices answering Great noises call forth   He is there in both places
A voice whispers into my ear Do as you wish It came from behind, I turn to see I hear a hss...   A snake disappears into the sky Could it be true? Did this tree give me my liberty?
FRUIT He said nothey said yesIt hung they're so perfect He said no, they said yesone little bitedeath
Driving home. Went straight instead of left and ended up at the dock facing that water running under and out from me to the foot of the colossal mountain
my tongue was blue until you found me, I was wasting my days with dirt on my face , blind from it all , the world became my personal space
What a sad life it was when sin tore us and God apart What could we do to be saved from His Wrath? Nothing, because God had a plan to save us from the start
It'd make sense to sell books filled with psalms our love has inspired. Profit from the nonstop poems venting the glories I admired, But it's not worth a dime , not even a dollar,
Love is patient. It puts up with you... Even when you put mayo on your subs Or mushrooms on your pizza   Love is kind. It tells you you're beautiful...
The word breathed out with divine power The word inspired in the foreknown hour The word preserved from the final stroke The word kept to the unlearned folk    The word once known contextually
In the beginning God created the heavens and earth. Genesis 1 is a lengthy poem we collectively have chosen to read as a story.                                                         It's validity is, en masse, inconclusive.
I’ve been here before. I’ve fought this war, but here I am once more. I feel crushed under the weightof it all.Feeling so small. Feeling like my back is against the wall.
Brittle dirt parts with each step Moving toward the side of the path  Growing closer to the ocean depth 100 feet down, a deadly bath   Running shoes carefully laced Gear ready to handle every step
What does my soul want? You see if my soul wants something... The very thing that makes me, me... If it's crying out for something…
There are so many status and tweets
I’ve heard you say,“I want a man of God who leads, loves, and stays.” But you won’t follow him when he tries to lead you the right wayinstead you take lead and lead him astray. You seduce him with sinand see it as a win. Don’t tell me you want a B
Born into you, Cant escape you, There's no use running I cant even hide from you; Who convinces me that I'm not worthy, Who tells me I can't do anything, Who's love toward me
Beep. A dozen roses. Beep. Sparkly red cards. Beep.  Heart-shaped box of chocolates. Beep-beep-beep. I rush to cut down the line. Rustle. Balloons that say "love."  Rustle.
How does one word have so much meaning? It makes everything surreal and feel like I'm dreaming Love appears in the bible over five-hundred times It has drastic effects on our own paradigms.
A year ago I lost my spark. I felt as if I was a dying flame where nothing could save me. I lost all hop in myself. I thought that if I didn’t get the perfect grades, played the best sport, looked a certain way, I had no purpose.
The Bible is a how-to book, it teaches people how to gain eternal life.Please read it and share it with your children and your husband or wife.It teaches us not to worship false gods and not to steal.
There was a special woman in the Bible and her name was Ruth.She was loyal to her Mother-In-Law and God and that is the truth.Ruth's Mother-In-Law was named Naomi and Ruth soon became a widow.
Not acquainted with these Nights.. Peculiar, yet neighbor to them, related to them... stop enabling him! Departure from the gates. dubbed the savior to him! Channeled through his precognition
My cousin has seen many Bibles that people have thrown away.Bibles are our greatest possessions, the world has seen better days.The Bible is like a letter from God and that makes it unique.
  Feelings come and go, But God will never go.  The presences of God is like a light That shines through the night; His spirt well eliminate all my fear Its light coming from above,
He came over to the side of the sea; Out of the ship, Jesus saw a man who was quite unclean; He lived among the tombs, his life was bind in chains; He’d bust out of jail because he was wild, untamed.
I sit in the buckle of the bible belt Fighting to merely exist As white men in stiff suits With smiles that never reach their eyes Sit in a room in DC
That Book That book.That bookthey saidHe said. E’vrythingwe needed toknow beforeHe was Dead. saveour souls.
I want to believe that this woman is mine I can not believe how much of this woman I trust  How can she faithfully produce this child I love you from my heart but actually I'm lost
Jesus cured a blind man who had been blind since the day of his birth.Jesus put clay on his eyes that he made when he spat and mixed the spittle with Earth.
For we all must die some day On a bed or in the suns ray One must always keep   On this earth before we sleep   The holy and inspired word To know that the voice of God be heard
Is it truly tribal? As through history we dial,We see it is able.Accused primal,But upon every table.To it I am bridal,The sick to a vial;With many a challenger, yet no rival.The Book is it’s label.A consistent cycleFor something so “primal,”Consi
Desolated Alone I face the pale murky water The greenish blue reflects back at me I am scared And alone I cling to small promises in my hands Only hoping A mere flame
Darkness...that is what I see. Silence...that is what I hear. Emptiness...that is what I feel. All around me, there is nothing: no light, no sound, no objects. I am alone, with nothing, except...
They said I can't live without food, so I told them I live by the bread of life They said I can't live without water, so I told them I know a well that never runs dry
If I was stranded on an island, all I need is the Holy Bible. Just God's word, is all I need. His advice, is all I need. God's ways, is all I need. To read how great he is, is all I need,
It's meant to be read every day
Abram to AbrahamSarai to SarahCalling to goingBlessings and cursesMany to onePharaoh and AbimelechLot and landSodom and saltHagar and SarahIshmael and IsaacLies and deceitFear and mistrust Faith and doubtSacrifice and loyaltySon and FatherCommitme
Boldness and fear  Goliath and Uriah Michal and Bathsheba Saul and Jonathan Amnon and Tamar Brother against sister Absalom and Amnon Son against son  Son against father Child and Solomon Fasting and rejoicing Guilt and forgiveness Blood and temple
Prophecy and powerLoved by God and loved by manDedicated in his diet and dedicated in his heartReading the writing on the wall and speaking the words of things to comeNot afraid of persecution and not afraid of speaking truthKings and dreams and m
Jesus, He is Lord of Lords and King of Kings,Jesus, He is the Son of God and God's Word is the truth of all things,Jesus, He is God
I can live without food, for he nourishes me. I need not any money, for to him I do not owe. I shan’t require a majestic domain, for one already awaits.
Wiggling toes deep in the cool white sand, Seeing the tropical trees and wild wind dance. Smiling at the site of the gospel in hand, Feeling its power just by taking a glance.
For the beaten and the broken down Who never seem to get around who's skyies are always filled with grey who's troubles sworm them through the day Your strength is not gone like Samson and Delilah  
The Bible told us that the Earth is round when people thought it was flat.People were afraid of falling off the Earth but the Bible contradicted that.The Bible told us that the Earth is round in Job 22:14.
The Bible is the greatest possession that we can own.If you live by Jehovah's rules, you'll never be alone.Owning a Bible is far greater than owning a Ferrari.Buy yourself or a friend a Bible, you won't be sorry.
Part I   A sudden whirlwind And a voice so said   Who, dark counsels By words without knowledge?   Now questions are To be answered!   Where were you?
Recently I found out that a bible study made up of a few girls from my school discussed at one of their meetings how I am a hypocrite, because I say I am a christian, I say I believe in the words of the bible, but I also, quite loudly, o
I stared fear in the eyes and asked it how was its day our staring match, lastedfor about five minutes and I refused to look away I am bigger I am not afraid I said, as I trembled in my legs 
Read it out loud, and listen how stupid you sound
Sons So Distant
Satan told God that Job wouldn't praise him if his life wasn't so good.But Job proved the Devil wrong and it's not surprising that he could.God allowed Satan to take Job's children and wealth.
I'm Abraham and God ordered me to kill my son.I didn't want to do it but I had to do what God ordered to be done.I was about to stab Isaac but God said to spare him, he didn't really want him dead.
Matthew 21:22 
Typically, my policy is practicing self-censorshipActing like I'm masterful, with unsurpassable intelligenceIn actuality, some elements exist which aren't usually seen
Sadness blankets me  like a dark mist a book in hand is all i have the words within are bliss   sweet and comforting are the words for my broken, aching heart
To the land of wandering and stories that ancients told Leaving us to pondering The memories of travels old   To the land filled with dust Eroded from histories stone
1.  As the sun peaked through the shutter like an unwanted mister
1.  As the sun peaked through the shutter like an unwanted mister The trees sang their song in a wonderful whisper.
Not that vice should be to one
I'm struggling to be heard Through all these people that chat like birds. I'm trying to speak the truth, But I'm in a sound booth. Then someone stopped and opened the door,
  Response to PaulDie to the self?Surely not,I wish to willI am an intellectual 
-There I was.
The weed, my love, Pushes through the dirt, Rumbling, blistering, But doesn't really hurt, She sprouts up, Without permissions, Just to find, That no one listens.  
Can you see through my eyes? The pain, the hurt, all around.  Lost people seraching for a purpose that can't be found. Their shallow laughter creates a mask, Over the questions they're too afraid to ask.  
You love me, feed me, and clothe me.
You created; You molded; You formed; You invented; You crafted
T’was not at once mine own love with her fell
Wildwose and rider And drowsy nightingale. Bird in scrubby bushland Letting sleep prevail. Bellerophon  robber Pegasus did take Horsefly was his ruin Wanderer did make.
Time the biggest enemy of mine You can never find enough Always looking to rewind Well that's tough
I am a baby blue bird, drifting to the soft sands of Rio de Janeiro, while lying dead on a dilapidated raft with all cares in the world left forgotten by my bedside.  
Love is not cantankerous, nor aloofness It is not easily provoked nor angered Love is not pugnacious, nor stubbornness It is not self-seeking, nor self-centered
Forty days and forty nights of detoxification hell because God knows to eat is a sin worthy of the fall of humanity. For just as it is human nature to sin because of Eve-
Forty days and forty nights of detoxification hell because God knows to eat is a sin worthy of the fall of humanity. For just as it is human nature to sin because of Eve-
I feel as if I'm stuck in a cage, knowing my potential I bring myself to burst out in rage, this stage of trials is rough, as I lay under the rubble it is tough to see light, in spurts I try to raise with all my might but through the dust it's
As the ashen harbingers loom abre
We hold a high position.Standing with a strong attitude in the way we walk and talk.No man will respect the women who can’t run her own race, but every man will respect the woman who can hold her own.
That of my perception’s highest worth, Things that, when absent, cause me greatest hurt,   The things that I pursued with no relent, Believing that, when caught, would bring content,  
Catholic school does a number on a child, He never knows what to believe. Dear God, that woman in the habit she rapped my fingers time and time again when I’d take the Lord’s name in vain,
Up in my room Sitting on my bed Alone With these mixed emotions Getting the best of me Thinking Deep thinking About my future If I were to  Die tomorrow All my life
  The story's growing more intense, the characters confused and vexed, you've come to know the protagonist, the nails they drove into his wrists, a book that jumps right off the page,
  The story's growing more intense, the characters confused and vexed, you've come to know the protagonist, the nails they drove into his wrists, a book that jumps right off the page,
He calls them all Into The Throne Room The Breezes, the Winds, the Whirlwinds Ready they come He tells them His plans Sends them off   The Freezing Breeze
With dirty hands and a torn up heart I kneel, waiting for good-bye Instead, I see tears in Your eyes, And welcoming, outstretched arms. I hear Your cries, "Come back to me my child, "My Beloved!"
Bright flashing gold and green hypnotic, It’s plain this substance is narcotic.   Desire that we can’t ignore, The more we have, the more we adore,
You set the mold Every day consists of pieces of you Differentiate life lessons and sheer misery I’m unable to see That words can mean more than deceit This can't be all that’s around me When you awake
Your faults don’t mean anything What matters is in your eyes What feels good now Is bad in the book of lies That memory can’t always be taken back.
In a church, in a house, in a town, in a state We are just visitors no matter how long we stay. And when they start to ask questions, we pull away. We know that they won’t understand us, no matter what they say.
Father’s betrayal through a whetted edge, the pain sheltered from an innocent lamb. A higher promise weighing down one’s pledge to sacrifice and slaughter by kin’s hand. Polarity—tears stitch themselves to woe,
Church a place, where you Draw close to the creator. Church a place where you go to get you too eternal. Church a place where you hear the sound of the beautiful drums. Those spares, That piano,
I don't hate. I'm not a bigot. I can only speak the truth. If/when people read this You need to know: Please look. I judge no one, I love Only as Christ loved me. Yet I am human alas!
I love the way the pages crinkle Crackle when I flip them over. The thin feel of oinion skin (are they really?) So smooth I sometimes run the pads of my fingers Down the page.
You don't need to pray to get what you need You don't need to pray to be happy We are all born with flaws So we hope there's a God Who can take them all off How can we stand ourselves
Give Up - Richard Matthews
Got a clue? Cause I do. It's not taught It ain't bought A good song Not too long In a book Take a look Open the pages Worn through the ages Lost earthy verses
God, what I really need to confess is this... It's all the things that I have planned that I can't afford to miss When times get hard and days are rough I must confess, sometimes you aren't enough.
I am a liar skilled in the ways of manipulation like star constellations, I connect the dots, thoughts leading to rotten deeds committed in secret. And to you It’s a pretty picture in the sky
Encasement of inequity, Familiarity surrounds. That likeness, once assuredly, My heart-strum's fervent pound-- Has dissipated--in a sun, A thread riveting true; Where mem'ries come undone,
I wrote this a few years back before my confirmation of my faith. Hope you like it!:
Dear Lord, I've always come to church, Always believed. Yet somewhere, somehow,everything went wrong. All my friends are left behind, The school I once knew is gone,
The battle for life, is like this: Friend against friend until all are lifeless They never see how they hurt, or whom Rather, they only See at their doom Where destruction laughs And they scream
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