I Know Who I Am

I know who I am.

Are you Listening, carefully, quiet both your voices and your minds, hear the lightning strikes, the singeing of the nature beneath them, those are the sounds of my blessings arriving in rapid consistency.

My Jesus, what a healer. My Jesus, he restores. My Jesus is the divine waymaker. Waymaker, he makes a way. For all of my unworthiness rejoices in his presence, and what a familiar feeling it has become, to be struck down by the kind of love that this world so freely gives. When Christ stepped in, wrapped me in a love so real that the sky lit up in his midst, I finally realized he was always there.

If I had only turned around to see the other side of what I thought I knew, but there is nothing for me to fear because he forgives as well, the revival of souls and the forgiveness of sins are his craft.

The lord of all lords, the king of all kings, and I live in royalty. I am the daughter born to live in the fire of his spirit, where the enemy couldn’t ever think of coming near the vicinity in which I am present.

Christ taught me not to be the worrier, the individual afraid of all the failure that comes with exceeding expectations, but instead, to be the warrior who marches day by day covered in the breastplate of righteousness, with the shield of faith, and the sword of spirit clinging to her side.

I am saturated, I am soaked, I am drenched in the kind of excellence and anointing that only God can bestow, that people only dream of, but never live to see.

Because of Christ, I know who I am.


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Jan Wienen

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