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There are so many status and tweets

about Your nail pierced hands and feet. I know I don’t have the best words to sayor even to pray to say thank You for everything You did and continue to do. I know that even sounds cliche to say. However, that’s my reality.I can talk about how You died on a tree,and set me free, And I can preach a sermon on what You went throughand how You always pursued me, But my words might as well be mudin the mist of Your pure blood. I know what I can writeand it’ll all be true, but is it really right? Is it really about You and all You did and do  or is it about meand what people see. I don’t want to just tweet about a Savior and Kingwho took away death’s sting on good Friday.I want to live it out everyday. And this isn’t about someone else’s postcause I need to hear this most. This one is about meand who I’m suppose to because His death set mefree. This shouldn’t just be about a dayit should be the way I live everyday. I failed.I nailed You thereand some times I even dareto act like I don’t care. I have the audacity to act like my hands are cleanlike I wasn’t there. Like I wasn't on the scene of Your killingand like I wasn’t willing  to take part.When I’m the one who ripped Your flesh apart. I did it. It was me.Yet, You let me go free. All I had to do was call on You….but I’m the cause of what You went through. I should be defiled,I should be exiled,but God calls me His child. So, I don’t have the right words to sayor to pray because I don’t deserve You or things You did and continue to do.

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Zachary Harris

The gospel is effective everyday! Amen!

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