Fearless Pt. 1. (Perhaps)

Brittle dirt parts with each step

Moving toward the side of the path 

Growing closer to the ocean depth

100 feet down, a deadly bath


Running shoes carefully laced

Gear ready to handle every step

Feet climbing at a steady pace

A course of a mountain, he takes as a clept


The waves crash taking shots

The winds howl drunk with rage

They joke with one another casting lots

“Will he land in water or earthly cage?”


Water spills into his throat

After the wind passed through his hair

His tongue like an bobbing boat

His thirst met with gentle care


The tip of the mountain becomes veiled

The clouds join in as they mock

The plants say he should have bailed

The gulls laugh within their flock


Amidst the warnings he presses on

Though all creation knows his strength 

He should arrive at sometime around dawn

If he can keep his steps at length


As the path finally bends around the mountain

He begins to see the weight of his ignorance

Water shooting up like a broken fountain

The wind pushing with obvious hints


Yet he had no fear and faced the giant

The power and majesty of this beast

He was the con-artist’s client

He walked into the lion’s feast


And the brittle earth under his feet

Begin to slip towards the edge

There was no ground for a seat

There was no grip for a ledge


Down he fell on what he had not seen

Pointed rocks towards the sky

Seeking to catch all who would lean

No man could hear his cry


The water and wind settled the bet

It was an even draw

And this man who fell was beset 

He was fearless, amidst nature’s law


Were he to see the mountain grand

And not just the side with flowers and love

He would never face sharp rocks once dry

Or become like a wingless dove


The Lord in thick darkness was there

For the Israelites after Egypt

In fear, to impair

Any temptation to avoid His precept


Yet man comes to God so fearless

Like a traveler who nature mocks

They think all He does is love and bless

They will taste the pointy rocks


Blessed be the God who has revealed

His holiness and His grandeur

Let us show to the world what sin concealed

Lest upon the winds they pander.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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