Newest testament

Hello assholes!

 I am the Puppeteer. With a capital letter and - not otherwise!

You are mistaken if you think that I have bungled you to do it.

Between jerking off, I had to spend a lot of money to create your fucking zoo,


Didn't the thought that you eat, shit and stare your donkey eyes at the chic,

idiots surrounding you, interior, "just like that", for nothing, have raved

into your empty heads?


Was delirious and more than once. Substance!

I completely and completely control your little deeds, and nothing

in hopelessly empty heads is not a secret for Me.

Do you catch the downs?

You are made for the sole purpose of satisfying my exquisite

Sense of Humor, beyond your comprehension.


For this:

1. Individuals, equipped with injection devices for sperm injection,
MUST enter their seed to individuals, intended for gestation
and childbirth. This procedure is called "reproduction",
and this is - your MAIN task. To accomplish this, you, niggas,
are obliged to plow, until you lose your pulse,
and only let some whore begin to shirk from work!

2. You creatures are obliged to love Me to the utmost, and even more!


For the impeccable fulfillment of this, I will give you to hold on to some,
material benefits, throughout the century that has been allotted for you,

I will make some of you homosexuals and lesbians. But if you, bastards,
begin to experience the wrong attraction, I will create extremely
unfavorable circumstances for such, even fatal ones.

Cut off, cretins?




This poem is about: 
Our world


i m poem

This is one of the greatest masterclasses in writing I have ever seen. The power you project throughout leaves me wanting more. I, love you.

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