3 A.M.


Awake in hunger of your love my soul longs for your touch . For I am surrendered in your presence and untied from the storm . You pushed aside the tide that climbed over my life in a season of time. For you knew the inner parts of me , the parts that made me scream , the parts that where untouched and unclean . Weaken in thought and weakened in soul I found a hold for I gave away the sin that stained and the love that caused pain . Here's my heart again . Here's life afresh . Just do whatever you want to do . 
For you are undoing and one day with you I'll be completely undone. Wrapped and clothed in glory , you poured down your gold though it was never seen and I lived it as i we're heaven . 
Late night I stay awake because my very soul longs for your touch . You wrap yourself in every detail , a female . Calmly and soothing... All along you knowing , you swayed me to a romance that completely and utterly pushed me to peace . For I felt the season change of misery and pain but all along I was still in the mist of the season of pain . For it is your love in the end of the day that leaves me insane of this uncontrollable love. I write and talk as if my words one day can reach the heaven . But I say, to the reader that He will forever be in inhale and I will Exhale the very breath that took His place . I sing a song without singing , I move and change others life without even moving . For it is your very vibrance and presence that paints the perfect picture of you and me. And I worship you like I need to be contained , like I need to be in chains because I look insane but I tell you that I want you more than what my body can take . I want you more that the lovers that come my way. I want you more than the very breath that made me who I am today. I want you closer than skin . I want you stronger  that muscle . I want you flowing more like blood. I want to be more than the reflection of the king . But I want to start looking ,breathing , seeing ,healing , enduring , believing , bleeding , powering, all the more loving .. For 1976 years ago his stillness and patience was upon the cross, for it all took one drop of blood to cover my fall. It took one drop of blood to look past the ever pain . It took one drop of blood to forget it all. It took one ONE DROP OF BLOOD FOR US ALL. But instead... He died for ALL on the cross.. In Calvary . 
I don't want to be like the rest. For I will fall in front of your thrown and lay there and worship and cry ...
Because truth is I'm tired.
And truth is weak . 
And truth is sometimes I don't know what to feel.  
And truth is that I lost a lover I thought was meant to keep.
And truth is I leave you aside because I feel like you're not hearing me right . 
Truth is I worship , but Instead I cry not for the glory but the sin that caused shame. 
And truth is that I want you. 
And truth is that need you. 
Truth is I have you 
But truth is i just leave you . 
Truth is I know the truth 
But truth is I leave this place like I never had no prof 
For you  see my life , the truth and the lies , the secrets and the fights, you see my pain and you boldly proclaim "you are prefect to me"
So you lift me up and carry me on your lap . 
For you gaze upon me as if I where the one who caused so much good and no harm 
For your eyes teared down upon me because you love me so.. 
And you gently touched the palm of my hand and you cried in joy because you just couldn't contain your love for me .. And you saw me for me and you saw me much more than you being a king but a daddy who wraps His arms around His child  . For in that moment we began to see.. That we where one .. Just you and me..
You couldn't contain your love for you sweetly told me. 
"Awake in hunger for my love , you souls shall no more long for a touch. For I am in you an you in me.. I am you , and you are me . & forever you shall rest in my peace.. For you are beauty created by me ."
... Wow.. All because He loves me. 


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