III Kings

Not acquainted with these Nights..
Peculiar, yet neighbor to them,
related to them...
stop enabling him!
Departure from the gates.
dubbed the savior to him!
Channeled through his precognition
Insecuritie drivin, he wast waiting for me..
The final steps for your prophets.
Scriptured the last book of KINGS.
Ultimate sacrifice,
charred off both of my wings.
Just as sure as the lightning will strike
You dont deserve to be free!
Mimic the pivotal rain
and drop to your knees!
Apologize to my father,
Render of the soul in order to believe.
These are the last of your days,
Judgment is overdue
Commence the biblical play.
Declare the company you keep.
The prey, or who prays?
Are you sure you are saved?
Renounce the angle who slays!
Forged from heaven not clay.
convey and adhere to my lord.
I can't carry you there.
Still his Footprints lead you the way..



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