The Bible Told Us The Earth Is Round

The Bible told us that the Earth is round when people thought it was flat.
People were afraid of falling off the Earth but the Bible contradicted that.
The Bible told us that the Earth is round in Job 22:14.
And Isaiah 40:22 is another verse where this can be seen.
When people discovered the world is round, the Bible already told us that a long time before their births.
In the book of Isaiah, it says "It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the Earth."
People discovered that the Earth is round as they looked through telescopes and saw the Earth's shadow on the moon.
If more people had read the Bible, they would've known hundreds of years earlier that the Earth is round like a balloon.
This proves that the Holy Bible is authentic and that people didn't read it enough way back then.
We need to read the Bible more now than ever before because our world has been consumed by sin.


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