Hermeneutics Chiasm

The word breathed out with divine power

The word inspired in the foreknown hour

The word preserved from the final stroke

The word kept to the unlearned folk


 The word once known contextually

 The word then taught as spiritually

 The word so lost by a wicked Rome

 The word here found for Him, Peter’s Stone


  The word unfailing, always as true

   The word failing at any time to skew

   The word saving awakened souls

  The word damning rejecting trolls 


 The word next studied and also applied

 The word still hated and also denied

 The word above all man’s tradition

 The word below all God’s permission


The word grasped with natural reading

The word lost, void of author’s leading

The word in time spat on by the fraud

The word will honor it’s source as God


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