Nature versus nurture, the spirit versus the mind, who am I at my core and what have I learned from my interactions with mankind? You can only teach what you’ve learned, so beware of the masters of tribes with slanderous tongues that prefer to lead with lies, because ears share information with your nature and learned behavior until you determine which side presides, a nature that’s inclined to self preservation after any sudden decline, and today the kingdom is upon us, you can hear the children’s cries, as they are left to carry a world with less morals that their parents were beguiled to design, orange presidents in mugshots, Hawaiian punch to put out raging forest fires in Maui’s wild, so its survival of the fittest, strongest spirits, strongest minds, learn to discern what makes a difference, evil is different in these times, we socialize with jezebels while Judas waits patiently and smiles, so I’ve learned to read the bibles pages not just skim through certain lines, with an open heart, peaceful spirit and three objective eyes, I’ve learned that I know nothing, but if you seek then you shall find, that Jesus walked on water, Moses pushed the sea aside, Jonah was a loner in the belly of the whale but God was his pillow for the nights he slept inside, no mother could bare the death of her only child so it was easy for wise king Solomon to decide, the word of God is fuel for the spirit while learning occurs at the same time, mixing and balancing so that nature and nurture can make periods of pain and inertia quickly subside. Who am I? What have I learned? Questions already answered, still we seek further than the word in this world of your nature versus your worldly nurture, which one will win when its time to decide? Pick one like Wembanyama, demons and Dali llamas, a life sentence of trials never stops there’s only commas, semen turns to fathers, mothers, sons and daughters, nurturing in nature but we are all living through Karma, the nurture of white lies can’t hide the nature of a black Madonna, when its all said and done, there is only one book with chosen authors. B-asic I-nstructions B-efore L-eaving E-arth. Whether nature or nurture there will be a final departure

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