This Wretched Life

Thu, 11/01/2012 - 04:51 -- jnaea


United States
33° 52' 48.8712" N, 117° 51' 37.6092" W

The battle for life, is like this:
Friend against friend until all are lifeless
They never see how they hurt, or whom
Rather, they only See at their doom
Where destruction laughs
And they scream
Where pain will last
Reign, as king
Oh woe of the churches
Woe of the land
It bleeds from dryness
It bleeds from man
They yell in love
But a love which is not
To a god above
But a god unsought
How when the sun falls
And the moon rises
They see different lights
But they both despise us
For the day hates illuminating
The pain and hurt we are ever creating
But the night hates the illuminating
Of the responsibility we're never taking
Instead, blame them!
Blame these lights, oh wretched are they!
Blame them!
For they tell us exactly the ugly we've remained
Truth is but a lover of the humble
But humility doesn't come to us
We killed her, now she's done with us
So, in the mirror of this Truth
I see my error and hate Truth more
'til every shape I take
I no longer see a Lord


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