Genesis (Part A)

In the beginning God created the heavens and earth.

Genesis 1 is a lengthy poem we collectively have chosen to read as a story.

                                                        It's validity is, en masse, inconclusive.

     What is the strength of your faith if it cannot withstand scrutiny though?


I wondered when beauty was created.


When did God create the elevated      sensation of euphoria 

           that dawns upon my chest when I look up to the sky

and see a parade of hues that could not exist on this planet?

Explaining why they end where heaven

                                                         changes its name to land. 


The earth is not worthy.


The rose melts into the peaches

that in turn soften into a yellow mist

           that hides behind the horizon.


A performance replicated and rehearsed 


         and over

                     and over 

again by terrestrials but


we are not God.


Beauty was created on the second day. 

This poem is about: 
Our world



To explain this poem more, I often ask myself when beauty was created.  I used to see flowers as the most natural form of beauty but after further consideration, I changed my answer to the sunsets, and sunrises, that were created on the second day of genesis.  They are the most pure form of beauty and they are too pure to even touch this land, which I try to demonstrate by talking about the end of the beautiful colors at the horizon.  I also mention that we often try to recreate the beauty of sunsets/rises but we will never reach the level of perfection because we are not God. 

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