Deus Ex Machina

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Dubbed the "Deus Ex Hulkina" by the director of The Avengers, hi
The fresh air and the sun will both eventually come out in the brighter tomorrow.
when rhymes start poppin'and beats start flowin'it's probably a signthat it's time to get goingmaybe just maybe even ((( CAUSE A COMMOTION )))
Sooner or later.The circus of caious will end.No more burning candles at both end.Depends.Maybe better days are coming.Who knows .The reasons are unknown. Hustle and the bustle.9 to 5.
i took, one pill, then two more, then three more, then the rest of the bottle, just to stop breathing.
My path home is dangerous and unclear, A sense of peril within me feels like an end, Surely there must be more than this, Violently, forcefully, I battle forward, I am keenly aware of a distant light,
I won't use the word hate again But let's not pretend That the options end
a new poem
How can something 
I stood in the center of the burning city—well actually, dear reader, it isn’t burning anymore. Just  charred, cracked, and crumbling,  as I see it.   
i love you and someday you'll love me too i'll steal your heart even if i have to slit your chest and pull it out slow- ly slow- er d e a
There is something here, Something undeniably strange, Something we feel more tangibly as each day passes, Each day we feel it accept us a little more, Pull itself a little closer,
Hardwork loves success Who is the relative of money Hardwork strikes a ringing Cord in success heart,
The lure of untainted flower, Its sweet perfume encased in a whorl. Alas! That which I await is scarce. This memory will be banished tomorrow. Tomorrow ,
Let me tell y’all a story about a Melanin dipped boy He’s human who loves to run and play wit toys He was perceived as happy and full of joy
By now in life you have faced some demons; Learned the corners and closets to avoid.                               You coddle your innocence In the soft and cuddly things around you.  
Not long ago, I realized I was alone.  For the first time in twenty-two years, I was making ALL the decisions, shifting the gears. Moved out and financially stable, I had been putting food on the table.
I remember always holding on to everything. I remember holding onto my dad. I remember holding onto my first boyfriend even when he begged me to let go. I remember holding onto a friend that wouldn't text back.
Verse 1: From the moment I met you, You've always been different. You were the popular kid in school, duh. You somehow made room to be my friend.   We were friends for many years,
My appetite was non-existant after we broke up Almost as if the organs inside me mourned the way I did Teary eyed and insecure, I would have taken you back in a heartbeat
She remembers 6th grade days dragged on and on until  She felt like everything was gone.  “you look like a 7-year-old” they said “try hard” they said “my necklace is made out of real gold”. They said
I am seven, in my room, dreaming once again I'm a captain, I'm a knight, I know who I am I can be just anyone, whenever I want I'm a brave, ambitious dreamer No one tells me "Don't" Suddenly, I am eighteen,
Sitting on the edge of the bed, her pencil scraping the paper writing like a crazy woman the last two words of her note:   I’m Sorry!  
Am very happy to tell everyone to hear my testimony will say.
Fear to Speak Fear to be heard In that moment the swollen tongue In that moment the racing heart In that moment the sweating hands In that moment the staring eyes
It’s a burst of dynamic chaos when you look at me. Those eyes that trail my bodies valleys, with their deep brown earthy hue. The orgasmic sensation of your lips caressing my bare shoulders 
First, engulf the melons that surround you. the shell is a delicacy that must be eaten Like you would with a turtle eat it fast The dozens of melons that surroun you will  fill you and give you child
Obunga ate my baby Nash stole my teeth  I gave you the 10 israelis Now give me something to eat
  I was the girl who never stood up for herself. I was the girl who never dared spoke up. But I am not still the same girl. See I was tired.
Am I really the same person as I was a couple years ago? This new person I see in the mirror tells me different I wouldn’t say that I blossomed physically into change
L'Beit Abba 
How is our baby bear? Is it healthy is it strong? For you two I'll never cease to care I don't care if chasing you is wrong You are worth the world   I wrote the poem to my ex
So far I make my perfect Last; not been I know the eyes I copy you, love Not copy how to love That, I always know Love me, love it love I need love Not copy love
When falling into lovelessness and the world tilts in wieghtless distortion,stretch out your handfor the gravity of two connected souls. 
Dear Then,   You. You are not seen, yet you'll always be there for me though You are there, You can't be predicted You are beautiful but know You have Your faults You make me seem ugly
If i don't wear my glasses when i look in the mirror, I can’t see the bags under my eyes.  
Dear Dad,I believe that, at my creation, God deemed you my father. How else could a man be so delicately crafted for my upbringing?
  Dear Lover, Because I love you, I let you walk all over me. I forgave your infidelity. I gave you my heart. You replaced it with yours.
“ I’m done with you”. “ No I’m done with you !” This the last time... But that’s what we said last time.  A healthy relationship is even on bad terms we still remain loyal and true.
An Ode To You my COUNTrY Our souls are crying for thee Our tears can no longer freely flow Our hearts have turned away from the comfort it need Because these whole thing is really bringing our numerical strength low.
MEET THIS GREAT FEMININE CHARACTER Like a woman in her labour she travailed, yet in her labour couldn't let the enemy prevail The enemies fought exceedingly hard,
Dear Diary - err... Journal, My heart used to be the size of a kernel, But Once Upon a Time My world spun on a dime. Hair black, lips red,
We shall see how well you know Hansel and Gretel   There lived a family of four inside a cottage that was old and rectified And when there was scarcity in their land,
Hi, my name is Brittany I am terrified of a blenny I scream and cry I reach the heavens; I shout so high   Run child; You are full of fear Swim until they’re nowhere near Ha! This ain’t no joke
Roses are red Violets are blue I need this scholarship money Give me money
         America; America the great | The New World stands with open gates | Open arms to the shambled freights | Heavy laden with the poor and the desperate | Th
Last December My father was working On Christmas   My Mother Was not around Either   My sisters Were off At college   I myself Was alone At home.
No Pain Is Wasted  My spirit was beckoned.  A savior called to me   his sweet voice said, "listen"  and I held my breath, hanging on his coming words. He came to me. He said I could be reconciled
Coughing up and regurgitating blood, I hoped it was all but a dream. The scintillating lights above me seemed to fade. I was not alone; at my bedside stood a distinct, unfamilar shade.
 I fell through a trapdoor of depression For years I felt it giving way Until finally it fell completely open, I plummeted Into a world of drinking...drugs...cutting…
One's life  can be change in an instant. Nor the power we have or nature can help us, when it occurs.   So then we look up to something superior,  something we can blame or reason to.
One's life  can be change in an instant. Nor the power we have or nature can help us, when it occurs.   So then we look up to something superior  something we can blame or reason to.
Orange-Purple-Green. Tears of pure ecstasy resting on shards of verdant satin, Rolling into the innermost folds of the brightest dawn And the gentlest sunrise,
As a child, I endured extreme anxiety once my adolescent body found itself incarcerated by the unforgiving darkness of the night.  
In the absence of light, here we are - waiting.Looking at the universe - I stared deeply.Over and over, just one more time.My eyes glazed. I fell asleep in God's bed.I want to listen to you.
I have new neighbors. They came from another World. A world I have Never been to. They came To America hoping to Have a better life. Boy Were they wrong. My Other neighbors hate our
In this space they tell us is home    We  Are often made to feel like we need our straight-jackets  Urged not to squirm, Not to scream,  With hushed voice   And warm mouth
Sunshine Shines brightly hollow, I gasp, wring hands, then a dry hard swallow, Shades of darkness, flit through my mind, The key sweaty in my palm, confused , if used, what will I find.
Clear of Mind   For all the times I never could Bring a calming state like I should See ocean’s wide blue eyes Wrap myself, me and I   Collect vanishing stars at night
Clear of Mind   For all the times I never could Bring a calming state like I should See ocean’s wide blue eyes Wrap myself, me and I   Collect vanishing stars at night
The idea of living without Hope is like living without a soul, it's just like living in a black hole. HOPE is carved to my heart, It's used for everthing.
A situation of dire need and stress On a deserted island a man is found as a mess He has nothing neither here nor there Except a ragged old book he has as spritual fare Should he read such a despised old text?
Here I am, alone. On a deserted island. Am I condenmed forever? No! I have God. I can see abundance. He gave me talents. Sure, I will survive.
On an island Not alone Who is with me In this land unknown?   Sister Sister Is it you? My only solace
From looking down, you look up to see, The sky is full of billions of stars, Some are faint, Some are bright. Then there are those that twinkle and shine, Ones that turn your head, that make you gasp for air,
Do you remember who I am? Or who I used to be The one who you would do everything with Don't you remember me? Do you remember how we hung out every weekend? Or how we dreamt of being rockstars?
What do I need? Someone to love, Not a coat, shoe, or glove. What I require, is to be human, To laugh, to live, to be believed in. It is difficult not to be Thinking of an island with a single tree,
Yeezus I sit here in my room Imagining a sort of loom From the coast that you poetry slam captors have dropped me in
Through the dark mist your ghostly body appears stepping lightly, darkly, steadily. A hum rising
Sufiyan Solitary,quite In a state of resentment always on the move   Stolen He stood in the room Body shaking violently
My life is like a vine It loops around in a funny line Day in and day out Its kinda of hard to think about ... Oh sorry I spaced out for a second. Honeslty I  should have beckoned
Baby I know it wasn’t just my love that you never felt I know that you couldn’t feel it because you never loved yourself But I want to show you the beauty I see in you
Men are seen often strength and dogmaticism that know no bounds All men, however, are not always the same as each other Some remain calm, cool, and collected
I am afraid but courageous I wonder if I departed, would it go unnoticed I hear the silence of a million conversations I see light dancing with darkness I want to believe that I am enough
Khaki shorts down on top of my boxer blue briefs hanes smell like rot, just kidding they're clean(but for real they're not) hopin u think its not me thats scented funky cuz i stink alot. My rhymes are too dirty but they're all I got. Peace
  Today I swallowed a cloud.  On the way down, I could  feel it  punching out of my throat with  marshmallow hands then  I could taste the soot of the air and smell the fresh of the sky
Holding my wooden basket, Fingers splintering, Walking through the apple orchard, Feet blistering.   Birds echo their symphony overhead, Then my ears catch a muffled noise;
It baffles me The way you look into a mirror and don't see anything The way you've brought happiness & light into the dark cloudy days without realizing it
You want a hero,
BY J.R.R. TOLKIEN; summary by your Power Poetry Team
To the girl by Daante Wilson                      ~ Shanice lashae bean, a beautiful person inside and out never forgotten but heaven found~
Let’s move on, It’s time to move now, It’s time to do so, The risen sun is over my head; The new dawn with new peaceful spectrum, They are visible to me, It’s time to move now;
Why Is life So complex? The more we Dig, the deeper it gets.
ACEs Adverse Childhood Experiences Not one, not two, but experiences
Sometimes I wish you were more then a friend,  Without you my world is so dark and cold,  I hope you and I can stay to the end, Thinking about you makes me feel so bold,  Your beauty is an angel glowing bright,
Give in to the nrom, What's the harm in that? A good little robot Trained to think like them. Not for me. I'm breaking out, a runaway, Trying to be who I really am. The road will be harsh,
Masking yourself always seemed easier they said.
Every morning she stood in front of the mirror and was ashamed of what she saw She hated the kinks in her hair the sea faring bridges of her nose the fullness of her crimson lips So she sought refuge in makeup
BY PETER BRADLEY Inside the cuckoo clock he sits in claustrophobic silence oblivious to the metronome ticking and the soft clicking of the cog toothed gears
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