3 reasons

Sat, 09/28/2019 - 23:11 -- Mewael

Let me tell y’all a story about a Melanin dipped boy

He’s human who loves to run and play wit toys

He was perceived as happy and full of joy

He even dreamed of one day being a cowboy  


He dreamed of riding through a valley

With his black horse named sally

But sadly that wasn’t his reality 

His reality was that men like him were hung on a tree


One day this boy was playing 

With these kids who were saying 

Things that got his heart racing

And ended with him crying, yelling


Later that night, 3 white men took the kid

Gagged him and covered the boys eyelid

Another black boy saw this and just hid

And let them do what they did


They took the Lil boy to a place that was very loud

They took the blind fold off and he saw a large crowd 

A crowd of white men, women, and children so proud

He saw the white kid from earlier, he smiled and bowed 


To his right were two other black guys

One saw the little boy and with pain asked why

The white showman laughed to hide this lie

This lie of justice in reality a show for the white eye


The two black men said “it’s going to be okay son”

Just look up and find the star brighter than the sun

Don’t look down, look up till it’s done

Look up, until it’s done son


The boy saw the showman point at the two 

Pointed at the first and yelled murder and the crowed went boo

Pointed at the second and yelled theft and the crowed went boo

Point at the boy and laughed to like he was a monkey in a zoo


The showman then pointed at the puppeteer 

The men yelled look up and don’t listen to your ear

Look up at that stars, forget the fear

Look up at the starts, until you disappear 


The boy looked up and focused on his breathe

Didn’t listen to the others suffocating to death 

Looked up until he disappeared and his breathe left

Just looked up until his last breathe left


Murder, Theft, no reason

Murder, Theft, No reason 

3 reason for lynchin season

3 reasons for lynching in a place of freedom


The country of the free they say

But for me there’s still a delay

The country of the brave they say

But scared of young men like Freddie Gray

The country of dreams they say

But got us as entertainment, their display 


Almost 250 years of People in chains

People who had royalty in their veins 

Taken from home to erase their names

With an eraser made of pure pain


Now they claim that we dangerous 

But all they do is endanger us

Please understand why 12 is hard to trust

If u dont then let us sit down and discuss


How blacks are over 200% more likely 

To get shot down by the cops who are so mighty 

But get scared when they see anything shiny

And I’m not talking about the type that make you icy


Now beside niggas dyin from lyinchin

We got cops doin kkk’s mission 

Killin and throwin us away like they fishin

They want us gone, we know the vision


We think this system we live in is broken 

We try fixing a system that’s perfectly workin

A system created by the white man that is built in

This system we live in today isn’t broken, 

trust me it’s workin

But how is it working,

 if we’re hurtin

Behind closed curtains

How ,if I don’t feel supported

Ain’t I a person


3/5th actually, still just 3/5

Color blind people think that’s myth

White man got his guns, he a weaopsmith

thats all he got, and them cages they throw us in

but all I got is my voice, my weapon,  I’m a black wordsmith 


Words sharper than iron

holier than god’s choir

Scarier than hells fire

all truth not a liar

A weapon created to destroy empires

Rebuild again cuz my shi fuckin inspire


Inspire others to see how perfectly this system is working

The same system created by rich white men whipping

Us blacks to keep us under

Which got me to wonder


Whites created a system to benefit the white man

To keep others from having the upper han


Created to keep us mute

Even when thousands were being excute


Hung by the head 

Burnt in their bed


They called it justice 

Government said it just is


Just is how it is 

Just is how it is


That’s why we kneel 

Because deep down we feel

Like the government doesn’t want to deal 

With the truth and to them it’s unreal


I ain’t no micheal but I’m still brown

6 shots left that brotha on the ground 

Thanks to those who are meant to protect but are just clowns

These people are it, clowns killin kids wit rounds


Murder, Theft, no reason

Murder, Theft, No reason 

3 reason for officer Steven 

3 reasons for him to leave anotha brotha bleedin


3 reasons.



No fucking reason

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