Time to Move

Let’s move on,

It’s time to move now,

It’s time to do so,

The risen sun is over my head;

The new dawn with new peaceful spectrum,

They are visible to me,

It’s time to move now;

The change from grave to new life

The change from dusk to a dawn;

It’s all congruent for a change in blossom from sheded leaves,

The path wants you to move on it

It is giving you a chance


Let’s move on

It’s time to do so;


Shining sun and merry moon

So hot and so cool

Brings changes from dusk and dawn

Don’t have eye on the hands of clock

The has been moving and it will

Change yourself iff you can

And clock hand will be yours

You can fulfil your aim with it

Lets move on

It time to do it now. 

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