The Unspeakable, You Don't Say...

There is something here,
Something undeniably strange,
Something we feel more tangibly as each day passes,
Each day we feel it accept us a little more,
Pull itself a little closer,
Show itself a little more clearly,
Reckon itself a little more immediate-
yet increasingly unenglishable,

What began as a glance over the shoulder,
A faintness in the peripheral,
A whiff in the wind,
We now almost grasp as we move our fingers through the air,
Perhaps it is only humid_

Perhaps we are heading somewhere,
Perhaps the feeling is anticipatory,
Perhaps it is nostalgic,
What permeates the crust of mundane triviality,
What lies outside the birth canal,
What goes on ahead the human condition,
Something purely unimaginable,

Time is speeding up,
History does not last forever,
A singularity germinated implies a singularity in bloom,
What goes on beyond anthropocentric language,
Well, The Unspeakable, You Don't Say...

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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