Cloud Feast

Thu, 07/23/2015 - 11:21 -- 1581451


Today I swallowed a cloud. 

On the way down, I could 

feel it 

punching out of my throat with 

marshmallow hands


I could taste the soot of the air

and smell the fresh of the sky

as I breathed out puffs of cloud. 

The further it floated 

down my assofagus 

the higher into the air I flew

until I was up in the sky 

I looked down at the other clouds. 

The puffy thing was like a pillow

it gave rest to my mind

it gave softness to my heart 

and soon I heard the birds

just singing 

and we sent the rain down as we all

washed the world away. 

We ended the remembering

and all the people forgot who they had been as 

we washed 

we washed 

and we washed

the memories of hate and death and tiredness and aching and ending 


So I looked at my feet

with the rain coming out of them

with a cloud inside of them

to find that 

I am the cloud. 

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Our world
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