My Own Prison

Wed, 05/18/2016 - 01:37 -- J.Marie


United States
44° 17' 29.3136" N, 84° 13' 40.368" W

Sunshine Shines brightly hollow,

I gasp, wring hands, then a dry hard swallow,

Shades of darkness, flit through my mind,

The key sweaty in my palm, confused , if used, what will I find.

Standing before Pandora's door, Is it life eternal or the Raven's Nevermore?

The ticking clock insinde my mind sends hour long seconds down my spine.

Numb slumber dumber than in dreams,

In an instance so real, nothing is as it seems

Perception Perceives me opening the door, my shaking soul sees me hitting the floor

For couragous Im not, and faced with me, a coward is braver, never to be known as a hero or savior

So back in my pocket goes the key, returning me to darkness, in which remain never free.


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