Afraid but Courageous

I am afraid but courageous

I wonder if I departed, would it go unnoticed

I hear the silence of a million conversations

I see light dancing with darkness

I want to believe that I am enough

I am afraid but courageous


I pretend like I am incapable of feeling sorrow

I feel imprisoned by my own limitations

I touch a memory and regress into a daydream

I worry that if I allow myself to love, I invite abandonment

I cry because I lose sight of my greatness

I am afraid but courageous


I understand that I am a daughter of a God

I say that I am important, despite my imperfections

I dream not to change the world, but someone’s world

I try to stand tall even if that equates to standing alone

I hope my happiness eternally originates from within

I am afraid but courageous

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